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VCL(Vedic Code Of Living) series of YANTRAS

Q.  What is VCL series ?

A.  “If you want to find the secrets of universe, think in terms of energy, frequeny & vibration” - Nicole Tesla. We at Hope Astrology have been doing this for past so many years of our R & D employing some of the finest brain in field of Quanta, Cynamatics & deep meditative minds in field of vedic knowledge to bring about a really effective synthesis of ancient wisdom & modern knowledge in form of our VCL series of Yantras.

Q.  How does a VCL Yantra help me ?

A.  ‘Science & religion are one when their purposes are one “ Edgar Cayce. Everthing in this world is oscillating and vibrating including you. Your bioenerqy body has a vibratory signature which we decode through your astrological chart. This vibratory signature has multiple harmonics level some of which you are unable to achieve. Our VCL Yantra is prepared accordingly to tune your vibratory signature to that harmonic level so that they are perfectly recieved and assimlated or understood by external animate / unanimate other so as to achieve the desired results.

Q.  Will just wearing the VCL yantra make me achieve my goal ?

A.  After you wear our yantra and go through your normal course of life as usual you will achieve the results as It is working on your sub- concious level of mind. Though we do give certain instructions along which are simple & if followed will speeden up the results.

Q.  Sub-concious mind ? What’s it?

A.  Behind the brain of man is mind. Mind meaning by that thoughts, memory,  feelings & so on is difficult to bring into a class of physiclal things. Mind is that which is connected to your conciousness & awareness on one end and to brain on other end driven by input from enviroment through various electrode delivering sixty pulse per second to cortex per neuron and there are Trillions of them.Mind seems to act independently of the brain in the same sense that a programmer acts independently of his computer.The mind of ours is divided into major two levels depending on our awareness levels. What we are aware of is called Concious mind & of what we are not aware is called sub-concious mind.The Sub-concious mind is unable to distinguish between our so called reality & non reality. Just like when we are dreaming our body reacts & secretes simlar secretion through glands when it does if simlar events would take place in our real  world.Yogis & siddhas are totally aware of their full mind there fore their sub-concions mind is zero & they are in full control of their involuntary actions through their concious will & intent.

In case of normal human benigs sub-concious mind activites are not in sync.Our yantras harness the power of sub-concious mind by synchronizing its harmonics towards the desired result in the real world after knowing the vibratory signature of that particular person through his astrological chart. (It has been explianed earlier) you can also call our VCL yantras as mind machines.It shall not be wrong to say that whatever events are happening to you  are due to your own sub-concious projections into the mirror of universe which is benig returned to you in form of events.Our VCL yantras or mind machines are doing the corrective measure at your sub concious levels so as you are able to powerfully project sympathetic projections supporting your desires into universe so as desirable event takes place in your life.

Q.  After wearing your VCL yantra how long does it take to achieve the desired results ?

A.  It depends on many factors. Majority of them are taken care of while developing customized yantra for you through your astrological data. If you also follow simple instruction given with the yantra which are actually given to increase your will / inten & awareness and to put you in sync with the yantra internally then we have seen results do come between 90 to 180 days. In some cases results have been achieved much earlier but it depends on person to persson & the results expected. The life span of yantra is approx one year after which it has to be auspiciously put in a flowing stream of water of river or canal.

Q.  I am Interested in procuring yantra, how I go by it ?

A.  First of all you will have to send your date of birth / Time of Birth / Place of birth to us at our contact no. So as we can analyse your vibratory signature. Simultaneously you will have to deposit  Rs. 5100 (Rupees Fifty one hundred only) as our charges for analysis in our account mentioned in contact us at www.astrohopes.com. After we have analysed your vibratory signatures within three to five working days we shall inform you about the type of yantra we shall customise for you. The charges of the  yantra for you may vary from Rs 5100 (Rupees fifty one hundred) to Rs 21000 ( Rupees Twenty one thousand) depending on the strength of yantra required by you.