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Geomerty is the study of spatial order through the measure and relationships of forms.  Geometry and arithmetic together with astronomy, the science of temporal order through the observation of cyclic movement, constituted the major intellectual disciplines of classical education.  This  fourth element of the great four-fold syllabus:

The quadrivium was the study of harmony and music.  The terms of simple harmonics were considered to be universal, which defines the relationships and interchange between the temporal movements and the events of heavens and spatical order and development on earth.

The implicit goal of the education was to enable the mind to become a channel through which the earth (the level of manifested form) could receive the abstract cosmic life of heavens. The practice of geometry is an approach to the way in which the universe is ordered and sustained.  Geomerty diagrams can be contemplated as still moments revealing a continuous timeless universal action generally hidden from our sensory perception.

For everything there are three levels.

Typal: Manifested, existing, diverse and variable

Ectypal: Unmanifest, pure, formal idea.

Arch typal: Principle or the power activity, that is a process which the ectypal form and typal only represent.

The archetypal is concerned with universal processes or dynamic patterns which can be considered independently of any structures or material form.

Modern thought has difficult access to the concept of the archetypal because our languages require that verbs or action be associated with Nouns.  We, therefore, have no linguistic forms with which to image a process or activity that has no material carrier. Ancient cultures symbolized these pure eternal processes as Gods. That is concretized into energy and matter.

The principle that energies  are controlled, specified and modified through the effects of angulations.

The ancient astronomers deried the movement and position of celestral body through angular notation. The varied angular positions of sun, moon, planets and stars were related to the cyclical changes with natural world, such as moon, phases, seasons, tides, plants, growth, human and animal fertility etc (in this way we can appreciate the similar roots of words angle and angel).

Today the newly emerging science of heliobiology verifies that the angular position of the moon and planet does affect the electromagnetic and cosmic radiations which impact the earth and in turn these field fluctuations affect many biological processes.

Thus we find that often the angle-which is fundamentally a relationship between two numbers would have been used in acient symbolism to designate a group of fixed relationships controlling interacting complexes or patterns. Thus, the arch types or gods represent dynamic functions forming links between the higher worlds of constant interaction and processes and the actual world of particularized objects.  We find for example, a 60 degree angle has quite a different structural and energetic properties from an angle of 90 degree or 45 degree.  Likewise geometric optics reveal that each substance characteristically refracts light at its own particular angle and this angle provides us our most precise definition of the substance.  Furthermore, the angles in the bonding patterns of molecules determine to a great extent the qualities of the substance.

Functioning then at the archtypel level Geometry and number describe fundamental casual energies in their inter-woven, eternal dance.  It is this way of seeing whatever standing behind the expression of cosmological systems as, geometric configurations. 

For example the most revered of all tantric diagram, The Sri Yantra images all the necessary functions active in the universe through its nine interlocked triangles.

It seems to be the basic assumption of traditional philosophies that human intellectual powers are for the purpose of accelerating our own evolution beyond the restraints of the biological determinism which binds all other living organisms. 

Methods such as meditation, concentration, arts, and crafts and psychophysical techniques to further this fundamental goal.  The practice of sacred geometry is one of the essential techniques of self developments.

Each of the diagrams represent different technique or system of thought for understanding the world and its structure.  The varied contemplative path is to harmonize the five universal constituents which compose our physical existence (earth, air, fire, water and prana).  This clear cognition in the outer and inner worlds is dependent on the harmonious accord, that establishes between these elemental states in our own body and the same elements in nature.  Each geometric casmogram is meant to arrest us in these attempts at liberation, through harmonization.

The body field is like a set of vested systems within the systems aggregation.  The process, by which larger and more ordered information systems emerge from interconnections, among smaller underlying systems is a dynamic process whereby various kinds of structured information combine, interact and inform each other to form the big body field.