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Welcome to AstroHopes

"We don't beleive in magic.In fact there is nothing called magic.This universe is governed by simple yet elementary Laws of Science. Astrology is yet another Science burried heavily under the myths and legends in this modern era. With our expirience, research and hardwork of over 40 years, we are now trying to break these myths and introduce you with this science, which like a friend will guide you through this beautiful journey called life..."

--Virendar , Founder Astrohopes
**Disclaimer : Astrohopes service suggests only possibilities and therefore makes no warranties / representations with respect to accuracy or significance of any aspect of the Astrological horoscope. Astrologer's opinion on any particular point might differ. You may use your discretion before relying on any prediction/s. Astrohopes is not responsible for any claims for negative / non functioning of any prescription of advice/remedy provided by any of our Astrologers. The predictions are based on the study and views of our Astrologers and Astrohopes or the Company disclaims their responsibility to the fullest extent as per the applicable laws. Discounts are for limited period only. Astrohopes reserves the right to withdraw the scheme without any prior notice.  Share on Facebook